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Why is golf fun to watch on TV?


It doesn’t look like Tiger has what it takes to come from behind today and win the Masters. Right now he’s in second place six strokes behind headed to the eighteenth tea at Augusta.

Ordinarily, one would think that golf would be boring to watch on TV. You can’t see the ball off the club, the action is slow, you can’t really see the landscape in two dimensions. What makes it fun is observing the players deal with pressure. I think that’s why I love watching the majors, but would not think of watching a regular PGA tour event. There’s something about watching people trying to perform difficult physical feats in the most pressure packed moments of their lives.

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I Go


It’s about time I set up a blog, so let me introduce myself. It all started at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro just as man was about to land on the moon. Felippe Bartholo joined the world and soon became an avid soccer fan. OK, I know you’re bored, let me skip about 40 years, I’ll write my memoirs in some other forum.

I’m now expecting my first baby in about a month! That, together with the fact that my step sister just found a secret book written by my father before he passed away, is the primary reason why I was inspired to finally start a blog. My father’s book, which is a mixture of his memoirs and a fictional politial satire, was such a gift to me, that I hope my daughter can get a chance to enjoy my writings when she’s older.

My wife Vicky has been a complete champion during the pregnancy. We’ve been married for 11 years. She has been fanatical about a healthy diet, enough but not too much exercise, maintaining a low stress environment, taking all the right vitamins, and all the other things so important during pregnacy. She has one more week of work (as a Program Manager at Cisco Systems) and will then take four months off.

We’ve been taking the usual baby classes, to the tune of sixteen hours of instructions. We’ve contracted with a Doula to help with the birthing process. We’ve arranged for our parents, who live far away, to come and spend the first four months of the baby’s life with us to help. We’ve read books, received volumes of advice from all our friends, and also discussed our philosophy over the world’s biggest problems and how we will raise our daughter. We have a name picked out that we both really like, but are keeping it secret. We’ve arranged for day care, and also have a backup plan and a second backup plan. If you think we’re little neurotic, I think you may be right. We’ve done all we can to prepare, but I’m pretty sure the real learning will only start once we bring the baby home.

I currently work at Sun Microsystems as a Project Manager and Software Engineer. While Vicky has stayed at the same company for over a decade, I’ve moved around a lot. Sun, however, has been a theme in my career, as this is my fourth stint at the company, and I often worked with Sun as a partner in various capacities while employed by other companies. My focus has been Java and Web technologies.

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