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Welcome Abby!


My initial flurry of posts never really happened. My excuse is that I set up the blog and didn’t write down the password, so I couldn’t post. But that’s obviously a pretty lame excuse since it was not so hard to reset the password. So the real reasons I abandoned my new blog are laziness, sleep deprivation from having a newborn, and the fact that I start too many initiatives than I can possibly maintain.

If I had been posting for the last couple of months, I would have talked a lot about my new baby girl Abby! She is absolutely beautiful. I know all parents say that, even if their babies are not so great looking, but I truly think that Abby is one of the most beautiful babies I’ve ever seen. However, I do realize that I may not be the most objective observer. For the first couple of weeks of her life, I would agree with anyone that would mention how pretty she was. I finally realized that the more polite response is supposed to be “Thank You.” It’s funny how you more or less forget manners when it comes to compliments about your baby.

After about two weeks, we have been pretty courageous about taking her all over the place. It started with quick shopping trips. But then we took a whirlwind tour of California to show her off to all our family and friends within 500 miles!

I really am not good at determining whether a baby looks like either parent. Many people are saying that Abby’s eyes look like mine. I guess I should be proud, but I think everyone is a lot better off if she looks more like her mother than her father. For the first two or three weeks, the most prevalent personality trait I noticed in Abby is her seriousness. Until she learned how to smile, she always wore a very serious frown on her face. I am not exaggerating in saying that we’re up to about 1000 pictures of her already. A big reason for that is the fact that we keep taking pictures trying to get the right facial expression. At first, we were hoping for a big smile, but eventually we settled for any neutral expression. My father in law made a prediction that she would become a school principal because of her seriousness. This has all changed now that she’s a couple of months old. Though she still sports a killer frown now and then, she smiles quite a bit now, especially when her mother is holding her.

It is truly amazing how babies bond with their mothers. Obviously you hear stories to that effect, but you can’t really realized the extent of it until experiencing it first hand. Abby’s disposition magically changes as soon as she hears Vicky’s voice or feels her touch. I can now soothe her most of the time when I pick her up, but not nearly as effectively as Vicky can.

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