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Phil Bartholo here.  On the surface, this blog may seem like writings of a routine family man.  There’s the wife, two kids, software job, and a Labrador Retriever. But don’t be fooled.  This space is anything but routine.

By agreeing to read further, you are entering an emotional roller coaster that will change your life.  Consider this your warning.  I assume no liability of the consequences of your readership.

Watch me unleash my fury when toddler soccer is rained out unnecessarily.  Follow me as I channel my inner Jack Bauer by clearing the gutters mere hours before the season’s first rain.  Get your notebook out as I blow you away with my philosophies on dollar cost averaging and Google’s public API’s.

Still think you can handle it?  Consider yourself warned.  Don’t wait for the movie.  I’m not satisfied with the artistic direction the studios want to go in.  You’ll have to follow me on twitter, befriend me on Facebook, hire me on Linked In , and subscribe to my RSS feed .

It all started at a hospital in Rio de Janeiro just as man was about to land on the moon. Felippe Bartholo joined the world and soon became an avid soccer fan. OK, I know you’re bored, let me skip about 40 years, I’ll write my memoirs in some other forum.

My daughters  Abby and Ada were born in 2008 and 2010, and those events precipitated the experience of a lifetime!  In addition, my step sister just found a secret book written by my father before he passed away.  That book was such a gift that I started this blog with the hope my daughters can enjoy some of my writings some day.  I hope to eventually publish my father’s book, which is a mixture of his memoirs and a fictional political satire.

My wife Vicky and I have been married since 1996.  We worked, traveled, and played for over a decade before Abby came along, and I couldn’t ask for a better companion for those adventures.  Now with Abby and Ada here, life has of course changed.  We still play, but instead of picking a Caribbean island for vacation, we scope out the best baby playgrounds around.

I currently work at Oracle as a Principal Systems Analyst ever since they acquired my previous employer, Sun Microsystems. While Vicky has stayed at the same company for over a decade as a Program Manager for Cisco Systems, I’ve worked for several companies. Sun/Oracle, however, has been a theme in my career, as this is my second stint at the company.  I also often worked with Sun as a partner in various capacities while employed by other companies. My focus has been Java and Web technologies.


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